Recovery Ink

Behind every piece of  “art”, there lies an intention.  And we can intuit, or touch, this intention if we sit and contemplate the piece.  Behind every “work of art”, there is a spirit.

Addiction RecoveryStepping into a room of recovering addicts you can find people covered in tattoos from head to toe. Some prison tattoos, gang tattoos, and also recovery tattoos. A symbol to represent their struggle and commitment to their new way of life in recovery. Tattoos are a permanent change, free expression, something to keep with you forever, just like recovery from addiction. Before they were adopted by hordes of hipsters, tattoos were the badass symbols of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. But many people in recovery have also taken up the trend, permanently marking themselves to celebrate their sobriety and remind themselves of their plastered past.

“Getting a Meaningful Tattoo can be a spiritual experience in it of itself”

- Logan M., Sober College Alumni

Addiction RecoveryAlthough tattoos can be used to represent recovery and a new life, its a two way street. Should someone who is already an addict be getting a tattoo when they are said to be addictive? As a general rule, human beings tend to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Tattooing is known for being a bit painful. Conquering this fear can be exhilarating and can instantly result in one wanting more and more tattoos once they understand that they can handle the sensation. This can, however, get a bit out of hand. Tattoos are a form of art and, like any form of art, too much of a good thing can ruin the effect. Many ink lovers argue the idea of addiction, as well as those in recovery who get tattoos.

“There is nothing wrong with Tattoos because what I have been told is that behind every mark is some meaning or story that a person holds dear to them.”


Addiction RecoveryAlthough it is certainly likely that for some people, the process of being tattooed is an addiction, and for others the obtaining of more and more body art is also an addiction,But for most of us, I would say that we are doing what we love because that is what gives us pleasure and enjoyment. It does not cause any harm to others in any way, nor to us ourselves if we are careful and do what we do responsibly and with care.

At Sober College, although tattoos are not allowed while students are here, we encourage all of our residents to express themselves creatively. With our creative arts program students are given the ability to let go and find themselves creatively.

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