Attraction Based Model for Addiction Recovery

The Atmosphere at Sober College Makes Sobriety Irresistible.

“At first I didn’t come to Sober College because I wanted to. I came because my parents gave me the choice of rehab or living on the streets. Thankfully I chose rehab, and they chose Sober College. I have over a year sober now, and my life is better than I ever could have planned.”

- Allen R., Sober College Alumni

Motivating Young Adults To Stay Sober

Attraction Based Treatment

Students go skydiving.

Sober College is an attraction based model for addiction recovery, designed specifically for young adults. At Sober College the staff and students, who have attended for a period of time, provide wonderful examples of how far you can go with sobriety and recovery from substance abuse. Sober College does not label young adults as addicts or alcoholics because we do not not believe that they can force someone that does not want to be sober to stay sober. However, Sober College does believe that by participating in our Addiction Recovery program for a period of time, young adults will have no choice but be naturally attracted to sobriety. Alcoholics and drug addicts that do not think that they need to stay clean and sober may relapse. But majority of the staff at Sober College are in recovery from substance abuse, and are a shining examples of the happiness that sobriety can provide someone. The desire to be sober is not a requirement for long term recovery. Many young adults that have come to Sober College have stayed sober even thought that had not planned to. They agreed to come after receiving a loving push by their parents or the courts and our program, alumni and staff did the rest. This fact is mirrored by the amount of people that have gotten sober due to the court system through 12 step programs. Sober College helps many young adults become motivated to stay sober because they build lives that are so big and full.