“As a teacher within a therapeutic community, it is perhaps most rewarding to see the positive effects in students’ lives as a result of their study here. It is amazing to watch students process the academic information presented in class and, in turn, transmute it to tangible and identifiable action and positive change in their search for recovery.”

-Rachel Sanders, Academic Director at Sober College

Unique Educational Program

Alcoholics And Drug Addicts Are Often Disenfranchised Learners. Sober College Helps To Change That.A Sober College student studying in the Learning Center.

Sober College students receive a customized learning experience using accredited curriculum, individualized and group instruction, and cutting edge technology. Sober College offers a one of a kind, on-site college experience, where students are able to earn college credit while learning about the disease of addiction, their physical and emotional health and well-being, and more.

Our students are given the opportunity to explore several different areas of study, while learning skills that they will need as they move forward in their education, or vocational journey. Our Academic Director and academic coaches continue to support and guide each student on their academic journey, and help to prepare them for long-term success.

In coordination with many accredited educational facilities, Sober College offers several academic tracks, including:

  • High School Return
  • High School Completion
  • GED and SAT Preparation and Completion
  • College Courses for Transferable College Credit
  • High School to College Application and Transition
  • College Return/ College Transfer

Treatment and College Under One Roof

Due to the exciting partnership between Sober College and Woodbury University, students at Sober College have the opportunity to earn a Certificate of General Studies from Woodbury University. This Certificate enables students receiving treatment at Sober College to complete five accredited Woodbury courses on-site, allotting them 15 transferable college credits to take with them as they continue on a path to higher education.

“At Sober College, our mission is to provide young adults with the opportunity, and the tools to pursue a path to success; and along with sobriety, education is a key component in that.”
-Robert Pfeifer, Co-Founder of Sober College

Individualized Academic Plans

Every student is evaluated within their first week of admission and an individualized academic plan is determined. Our Academic Department takes into account past educational experience, learning strengths and weaknesses, and academic needs, to determine what courses would be most effective and beneficial for each student.

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