Personalized Plans

Giving Students Individualized paths for Success

Determining a Client’s Academic Plan

Individualized drug treatment

Student working with her academic coach.

Every student is evaluated within their first week of admission and an individualized academic plan is determined. Our Academic Department takes into account past educational experience, learning strengths and weaknesses, and academic needs, to determine what courses would be most effective and beneficial for each student. Upon admittance to Sober College, each student takes a series of assessments and questionnaires to determine an appropriate educational plan.

These assessments include the Strong Interest Inventory and the Academic Information and Learning Questionnaire. Collectively, these assessments and the student’s initial academic consultation, enable our academic team to put a new student on the appropriate educational or vocational track. These assessments also help students to find the right career path, determine a major and figure out what degrees or certificates are needed in order to pursue an occupation in their field.

A) Strong Interest Inventory:

The Strong Interest Inventory is a helpful tool for students who have lost academic and career motivation due to their addiction; it gives them valuable information that will help them make satisfying decisions about their career and education. The Strong Interest Inventory differs from other assessment tools because of its ability to measure personal interests instead of skills and abilities; therefore, the results allow students to identify a rewarding career, while also suggesting work activities, education programs and leisure activities that will facilitate achieving their career goals and future success. It encourages each student to think about their education and career paths, while initiating communication between the student and our staff regarding their future.

B) Learning Questionnaire:

The Learning Questionnaire and New Student Academic/Vocation Information Sheet include questions about basic background information, short and long-term goals, interests, credits earned and schools attended. This short answer assessment contains information that our staff needs to move forward with each student’s academic plan.

Giving the Best Opportunity for Future Success

Depending on the student’s academic background, a series of measures can be taken by our academic department to ensure that the student is given the best opportunity for future success. In a student’s initial academic consultation, the Academic Director can determine if the student is a candidate for retroactive withdrawal, grade forgiveness or credit recovery from their prior college or university. When prior educational institutions are willing to work with us, we can often boost a student’s GPA as a result of these processes.