Health And Wellness

The Health and Wellness Course offered through Woodbury University allows Sober College students to not only learn better study skills, but also to better understand how to live a healthy life.

Young Adults In Drug Rehab Earning College CreditStudents studying for their class.

Life Skills Taught in a Classroom Setting

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The course is titled Health and Wellness (BHVR 1700), and focuses on challenging students to move beyond their social, environmental, political, and economic perspectives.  The class covers such topics as physical fitness, eating habits, sexual health, core values, and interpersonal relationships.  The goal of the class is to build the students self identity, enhance their perspective of the world through creative inquiry and critical thought, expand their rhetoric, and improve their ability to work with multiple forms of media.

The goal of the class is to build socially engaged students.  The class presents students with facts about healthy living, and lets them make decisions about what to incorporate into their lives.  Students are asked to find something healthy that they are passionate about in their lives, and create a way that they can help the community with their passion.  The class has been a welcome addition to the already innovative Sober College Curriculum.  Logan M. explains, “The class has been great so far.  It has pushed me to reevaluate my goals in life, and my core values.  I have already started to eat healthier, exercise, and work on my current relationships.”

Community Service as a Class Requirement

Community Service at the Union Rescue Mission

Community Service at the Union Rescue Mission

The course recently took the students to work on a Habitat For Humanity build site.  The purpose of the trip was to engage the students in service work, and show them the benefit that giving back to a community can have on their lives.  One student, Logan M., recalled, “It was hard work. At the end of the day when my muscles were sore it seemed worth it because I was helping others that day.  I have no prior experience in construction, so the experience definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

The class uses many different forms of media to engage it’s students.  Videos, Documentaries, Textbooks, Novels, and discussions are all tools that the professor uses to help all types of learning styles.  In class, students watches episodes of 30 Days with Morgan Spirlock, Documentaries such as Murderball and SurfWise, discus topics relevant to that week in class, and read novels such as Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.  Logan explains, “I am a very visual learner so the documentaries has helped me learn and expand upon the textbook material.”