Our clinical program is designed for students to get the best out of their stay at Sober College. Each student’s treatment plan is individualized to work on their substance abuse issues and grow into an independent person by practicing what they learn in therapy in real life.

Using a Treatment Team Mentality to Provide the Best Care Possible

Equine Therapy Drug Treatment

Client at Equine Therapy

Sober College incorporates a comprehensive and integrated clinical approach by licensed practitioners that specialize in addictive and co-occurring disorders in young adults in early recovery. The heart of our clinical approach is a treatment team mentality that utilizes a multidisciplinary approach based on comprehensive assessment and diagnostic criteria. All levels of staff meet together on a weekly basis to discuss the progress of each student. This attention to detail keeps the team focused and the best interests of each student client at heart.


Our psychiatrist, Dr. Shahla Modir is double board certified. She is a Diplomat of Addiction Psychiatry as well as the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology for Psychiatry. Her expertise in dual-diagnosis treatment and Addiction Psychiatry makes her a vital part of Sober College’s Clinical Treatment Program. Each resident is evaluated by Dr. Modir upon admission and receives ongoing psychiatric care as needed. Dr. Modir takes a holistic approach using many supplements in addition to medications to restore the body and brain. She is very knowledgeable about the most up-to-date research on medicines and supplements to help treat those with addiction and other mental health conditions.


Group Therapy Rehab

Women’s Program at Surf Therapy

Our neuropsychologist, Dr. Therese Mansour Moriarty has done extensive work publishing papers and continuing research in neuropsychology. At Sober College, Dr. Moriarty performs a brief neuropsychological screener on each new resident to assess their attention/concentration, executive functioning, psychomotor-speed and memory at this point in time. We use this information to understand the resident’s functioning and learning style so that we use techniques, both in academics and in therapy, that are most productive considering the way the client takes in information. Dr. Moriarty also is available to conduct full neuropsychological assessments, other assessments as indicated and cognitive rehabilitation as adjunct services when needed.

Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Each resident has a drug and alcohol counselor that they meet with weekly, discussing issues of sobriety and recovery. The counselors guide residents through the process of recovery assessing their readiness to change, using motivational interviewing techniques and monitoring their recovery activities. In addition to drug and alcohol counseling, the counselors are also responsible for case management. The counselor oversees clients’ progress in our five core competencies; sobriety, productivity, emotional wellbeing, fitness and life skills and is the primary contact person for parents. The counselors have regularly scheduled contact with parents to give progress reports, answer questions and keep lines of communication open.

Individual and Group Therapy

Offering Age-Specific, Individualized Care Through Individual and Group Therapy
Every week students at Sober College participate in a minimum of one individual therapy session, and two to five group therapy sessions.  Once a new student admits to Sober College they are assigned a particular therapist based on their needs and history. In most cases, this therapist is the students primary therapist through all phases of the Sober College Program.

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Experiential Therapy

Sober College uses Urban Experiential Therapies such as Surf Therapy, Equine Therapy, Trapeze Therapy, and Indoor Wind Tunnel as an alternative form of group therapy which appeal specifically to the young adult population.

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We Offer On-Going Family Workshops

All parents are encouraged to participate in a Family Therapy or Family Weekend Workshop at some point during you child’s stay at Sober College. During these Family Workshops multiple families along with their children work together to begin to work through some of resentments that come when someone is using or abusing substances.

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