“It’s important that I do not run a cookie cutter program, but rather tailor it to the individual. Not everyone likes lifting, just as not everyone likes team sports, so I accommodate our student’s backgrounds, preferences, and talents”.

-Dr. Ken Niemann, Fitness Director at Sober College

Fitness as a Core Competency

Fitness and Sobriety

A Student at the Malibu Canyon Dirt Dash.

At Sober College, we hold the conviction that health education and physical fitness play a key role in this process and view it as one of the five core competencies that frame our approach to recovery. Besides the lasting health benefits that regular fitness activity provides, young adults in early sobriety use fitness as a source of accomplishment, as an outlet for stress and frustration, and for a feeling of success. Overall, fitness helps young adults feel better both physically and emotionally.

Exercise provides an emotional sense of enjoyment and satisfaction after having accomplished a physical exercise; in exercise programs that involve a group of patients, recovering addicts may gain a sense of self-worth and better self-image that is reinforced by team-encouragement and leadership. Exercising while early recovery and beyond has also shown to significantly decrease the likelihood that someone will relapse. These benefits, among many other positive gains from physical activity, encourage recovered addicts’ continued exercise practices and healthy mentalities after recovery.

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Individualized Fitness Goals

During his or her stay at Sober College, each resident works directly with our Fitness Director, Ken Niemann to develop an individualized fitness program. Each program is designed to accommodate the individual’s needs, providing them with a fitness plan they are both comfortable with and contains the necessary physical fitness a person in early recovery needs. While being at Sober College, each resident will have access to and be challenged by a wide range of physical activities designed not only to return him or her to health, but to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy physical activity.

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Fitness and Fun in Recovery

Sober College creates an environment that makes physical fitness appealing to every one of our students. Our fitness program offers outdoor activities, individual and team sports, customized diet programs, consultations with a Master Level Fitness Trainer, classroom instruction for health maintenance and more. Also, every Sober College student receives a membership to Spectrum Fitness, a local fitness club. During the first phase of our program, all residents are required to go to the gym on a regular basis while accompanied by staff.

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