Innovative Teen Rehab

Sober College is Not Your Ordinary Rehab

Innovative Drug Rehab Designed Specifically for Young Adults & Teens

Innovative Youth Rehab

Skydiving can be an option for our students.

At Sober College we believe you should put your young adult in the hands of people who know, who understand and who are passionate about young adults. Sober College teen rehab accepts only young adults & teens age 17 to 26. A young adult’s path to sustainable long-term sobriety and healthy living requires an approach that is comprehensive, specifically tailored to their age group and creates an emotional attachment to the idea of being sober. We have created a program of attraction that makes the idea of sobriety irresistible. This concept of attraction based programming is at the core of what sets us apart.

When comparing Sober College to other Rehab options consider the following:

1. Age Specific Alcohol & Drug Treatment

We ONLY work with young adults ages 17-26.

2. Clinical Expertise

Psychiatry is provided by an actual board certified, on-site, psychiatrist and therapy is provided by clinicians that are licensed or licensed eligible.

3. Individualized Attention

All clients at Sober College have weekly meetings with a therapist, a counselor, an academic coach, and a house manager.

4. Academic Excellence

We are in full partnership with a fully accredited university (Woodbury University) and we have the ability to start our students in classes within one week of enrollment.

5. Vocational Ingenuity

We are the first and only organization in the history of the world to build BioClassics™, which are pre-1970 vehicles engineered to run on 100% bio-diesel, making them 100% green and eco-friendly. This exemplifies our uncompromising commitment to provide all our students with alternative learning options.

6. Competitive Athletics

We offer competitive individual and team sports. Fitness options include but are not limited to martial arts, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, Pilates, yoga, spinning, boxing, racquetball, over 100 fitness classes, free weights, numerous cardio machines, hiking, mountain biking, hockey, dance, skiing and snowboarding, surfing, football and flag football and more!

7. Creative Arts unlike any other.

We offer on-site 500 sq. ft. industry grade recording studio, on-site film and acting classes with industry professionals, a 4000 sq. ft. performance space and stage, a full art studio, live streaming talent show broadcasts and so much more.