Sober College’s Music Program is intended for students to find creative outlets in recovery.

Finding True Passion

Sober College has an industry grade recording studio where residents are able to write, practice, play, and/or record music. Our Music Director teaches residents how to use the equipment so they are able to help in the production process. Sober College has everything from multiple electric and acoustic guitars to a 1970s talk box. We have frequent concerts and monthly talent shows where residents can showcase their abilities to their friends and family. Residents are encouraged to participate in our talent shows whether or not they have prior musical experience.

The video above “Powerless”, performed by Music Director Jeff Wilken, lyrics by Jeff Wilken and Robert Pfeifer is based on the hit single by Adele, “Someone Like You.” The lyrics are heart felt, and really depict the pain and the struggle of watching someone you love, whether it be a son, daughter, brother, sister, or friend battle addiction.

Check out Sober College’s newest album release, Soco: Dedicated. This album was written, recorded, and produced in Sober College’s recording studio by SC students, guided by staff.

Recording Studio

Young Adult Treatment Center Sober College Recording Studio

Sober College Student in the Recording Studio

Sober College has a professional grade music studio.  This allows residents to express themselves and pursue their musical talents.  The studio features:

  • Pro Tools M-Powered 8.0 with and interface rack including 16 channels
  • 2 High Powered Apple Computers
  • Dual Screen Set-Up
  • L and R Tannoy Passive Monitors
  • Fully Equipped Control Room
  • Vocal Iso-Booth
  • Fully Miked Drum Kit
  • 2 Acoustic Upright Pianos
  • 2 Digital Keyboards A comprehensive range of guitars (electric and acoustic), bass guitars, dynamic and condenser microphones for instruments and vocals, amplifiers and live sound monitors Professional audio Engineer, Julius Callahan of Titan Studios, Available 5 to 10 hours a week for assistance and training in recording and audio engineering

Titan Recording, LLC

“I think music is auditory art.” Says Producer/Engineer Michael Vail Blum. “My job is to help the artist focus in-order to communicate their vision” His skill at guiding artists as they reach for their full potential has helped

make Michael a sought-after producer, one who constantly fulfills his goal of “Making great records that connect emotionally with people.”

Early on in his career, Michael teamed with Pat Leonard, where he used his degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin (Madison) and his lifelong study of music to design more than sixty recording studios, including Johnny Yuma Recording. During this time Michael engineered several Madonna LPs, including “Like A Prayer” (Triple Platinum) and “Who’s That Girl” (Platinum). He also had the opportunity to work with such superstar talent as Pink Floyd, Bryan Ferry, Kenny Loggins, Julian Lennon, Meredith Brooks, Peter Cetera, and Jody Watley, among others.

Michael’s shift to producer was a natural outgrowth of his overall goal. “My aim is to support the artist’s musical vision, draw the best performances out and help them focus creatively,” says Michael. Pursuing this goal has led to successful creative teaming with such innovative artists as The New Radicals (MCA), Suicidal Tendencies (Epic), 3T (MJJ/550Music), Goo Goo Dolls (Warner Bros.) Brownstone (MJJ/550 Music), Spectacle (Supreme/Island), Morman Brown (Warner Bros.) Redd Kross (Atlantic), Infectious Grooves (550 Music), Tura Satana (Formerly Manhole – Modern Music), Low Pop Suicide (World Domination), and The Young Dubliners (Scotti Bros.). Michael also produced a Gold Album for Portugal’s recording artist Blind Zero (EMI/Valentim De Carvalho).

Lately Michael’s passion for developing promising new artists has taken him from St. Louis, where he produced indie band The Urge (since signed to Immortal/Epic), to San Diego, where he produced Steve Poltz (co-writer of “You Were Meant For Me” recorded by Jewel and since signed to Mercury), and back to his own Titan Recording Studio in Sherman Oaks, CA, where Michael has completed a project for new vocal artist, Anastacia (signed to Epic/Sony as the newest protege of Tommy Matola). Anastacia recently reached Multi-Platinum status in Europe. Most recently, Michael discovered, recorded and produced Kelly Clarkson before she went on to become the winner of the first “American Idol”. In the quest to make great records, identifying and developing new talent will continue to be at the head of Michael’s personal “Top 10″.

Titan Recoding is located at 13547 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.