College Rehab & Recovery Program

The Opportunity to Earn College Credit While in Treatment

Our Partnership with Woodbury University

College Rehab Recovery

College classes are offered on-site for our students.

The partnership between Woodbury University and Sober College has changed the way young adult addiction treatment is viewed, placing Sober College on the front end of this movement to combine education and addiction treatment and promote college rehab & recovery for young adults and teens. Through this unique partnership, Sober College and Woodbury University have worked with professors to create courses that align with both Sober College’s Five Core Competencies and Woodbury University’s Basic Learning Objectives No other rehab treatment center offers an on-site collegiate experience where clients can earn up to 15 transferable college credits from an accredited university while in treatment for substance abuse and addiction. Sober College is drug rehab and college all under one roof. CLICK HERE to hear from the on-site professors about the course content and what it’s like to teach young adults in recovery.

Benefits of the Curriculum

Sober College offers five Woodbury University courses on-site: Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Sociology: Drugs and Alcohol in Popular Culture, Health and Wellness, and Psychology of Personal Transformation. These courses give students the opportunity to explore their capabilities in a fun and safe classroom environment, while learning the study and life skills necessary to continue on the path to higher education. The course content is both engaging and relevant to our clients, and the courses’ unique learning model provides a learning environment catered specifically to our clients emotional, educational, and personal needs:

  • Sober College has Woodbury University professors teaching the courses on site;
  • Students have access to their professors and teaching assistants outside of the classroom throughout the week;
  • The courses are modular based, thus designed to accommodate rolling admissions, so students are able to start their schooling immediately;
  • Smaller class sizes allows students to receive more personal attention during and outside of class;
  • Professors communicate with the Sober College Treatment Team to best serve each student on a case by case basis; assuring that a student will not have to drop a class due to clinical issues that may arise in early sobriet.y

The Woodbury courses offered at Sober College are tailored to help our clients become reinvigorated with the motivation for success, and become familiar with what a true college experience is like. Our clients have opportunity to experience college while in rehab, better preparing them for life after treatment.

The Certificate of General Studies: A Unique Learning Model

Upon completion of the five courses, Sober College students can earn a Certificate of General Studies from Woodbury University. The Certificate of General Studies provides students with 15 college credits from Woodbury University to take with them when applying to colleges and universities. With in-class instruction, online assignment submission, outlined course syllabi with due dates, and quizzes and term papers, students are able to experience and prepare for a collegiate setting outside of Sober College.