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Sober College is a drug rehab center that specializes in helping young men and women ages 17 – 26.

Intervention for Young Adults

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  • Innovative approach

    Our approach to young adult addiction treatment is so innovative, it was worthy of a trademark. We assist families from beginning to end by providing comprehensive care even before the client arrives by helping arrange an intervention, and after they leave with aftercare options.

  • Young adult focused

    Young adults Ages 18-26 legally are adults whether they act like it or not. An intervention may be necessary to help get clients to agree to treatment but Sober College works to keep them here by providing an age-specific treatment program that helps young adults learn to live happy sober lives. They are able to see that life is not over when they stop using drugs and alcohol.

    “Sober College showed me how to build a life for myself that I never knew possible.”

    Rick V. Sober College Alumni

  • College and vocational studies

    Getting a young adult into treatment is one thing, but preparing them for a sober life after they leave is another. We help our clients discover true passion, whether it is for education or a vocation, and outline a plan for them to achieve it. Beginning when they are with us, and extending long after they leave.

  • Long term treatment

    The National Institute of Drug Abuse confirmed what we found to be true based on our experience working with young adults: 30 and 60 day quick fix programs are not enough for young adults to achieve long term sobriety and healthy living. Many of our clients have had an intervention or completed a wilderness treatment program prior to coming to Sober College but all of our clients and their families commit to minimum of 90 days, with an average stay between six months and one year.

    Intervention for Young Adults

  • Clinical care

    In addition to our on-site clinical staff, with decades of combined experience in the field of addiction treatment, we also have relationships with interventionists and educational consultants across the country who can assist our clients and their families at the initial stages of the treatment process.

  • Life skills for long-term sobriety

    Once a young adult has had an intervention and agreed to go to treatment, the real work begins. Our one-of-a-kind treatment curriculum helps young adults learn the tools they need to get and stay sober long term by focusing on our Five Core Competencies:

    • Sobriety
    • Life Skills
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Productivity
    • Fitness
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