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Helpful Addiction Recovery Resource Articles:

Academic Achievements
Women and Addiction Treatment
College and Addiction Treatment
Michigan Campuses Allowing Drinking?
Sobriety: Unlocking The Gate to Happiness
Addiction and Fitness
What is Addiction?
Young Adult Drug Rehab
Young Adults Gateway to Substance Abuse
Help Meth Addiction Using Depression Medication
College Drug Abuse
Energy drink overdoses on the rise
Designer Cocaine
National Substance Abuse Prevention Month
Pediatricians visit helps youth drinking problem
Inpatient vs. Outpatient
Drinking Causes Young Adults Serious Mental Damage
Understanding drug use, drug abuse and addiction
Drug Addiction and The Brain
How Drug Abuse and Addiction Can Develop
5 Myths About Addiction
Symptoms a Friend or Family Member is Abusing Drugs
Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse
Support is Essential to Recovery
What to Do When Your Teen Has a Drug Problem
 Underage Alcohol Use and Alcohol Companies
Young Women In Sobriety
Line Between Abuse and Addiction
Getting Sober Young
Helping Others Keeps Young Adults Clean
Peers influence on Young Adult’s Substance Abuse
Painkiller Deaths are Tripled
Alcohol Linked to Lung Cancer

Addiction Treatment and Information Pages:

Experiential Therapy
Alcohol Addiction In Young Adults 
Behavioral Addiction in Young Adults
Information on Caffeine Addiction for Teens and Young Adults
Cocaine Addiction in Young Adults
The Effects of Drugs on College Students and Young Adults
The Negative Effects of Gambling Addiction
The Effects of Heroin Addiction on Young Adults
Hydrocodone Addiction in Teens and College Students
Marijuana Addiction in College Students
Meth Addiction Among young adults
Methadone Addiction in Teens and College Students
Nicotine Addiction in Adolescents
Information on Opiate Addiction in College Students
Percocet Addiction is a Serious Problem in Young Adults 
Prescription Drug Addiction Among College Students 
Sex Addiction in Young Adults
Signs, Symptoms, and Causes of Substance Addiction 
Video Game Addiction: Debilitating Teens and Adolescents
 Women Treatment

Pages on Drug Abuse:

Ambien Addiction in College Students
Amphetamines Use, Abuse, and Addiction
Anabolic Steroid’s and the Side Effects
Young Adults and Ativan Abuse
Barbiturates and Young Adults in College
Benzodiazepines on College Campuses
Teen and Adolescent Caffeine Abuse
The Side Effects of Cocaine Addiction in Adolescents
Effects of Codeine Abuse in Adolescents
Crack Cocaine Addiction in Teens
College Students with Crystal Meth Addictions
Young Adults and Demerol
Dextromethorphan Abuse in College Students
College Students and Diet Pill Abuse
The Side Effects of Ecstasy Addiction in Teens
The Dangers of GHB Use 
Hallucinogens Abuse, Addiction and Use
Hashish Abuse Among Young Adults and College Students
Ketamine Addiction on College Campuses 
Klonopin Use Among Young Adults
The Abuse of LSD Amoungst Young Adults
Marijuana Addiction by Students on Campus 
Information on Mescaline Abuse by Young Adults
Muscle Relaxers and Addiction
Mushroom Abuse Among Young Adults
Narcotics Addiction in Young Adults
Information on Nitrous Oxide Abuse by Young Adults
The Deadly Side Effects of PCP Addiction
Percocet Addiction Amongst Young Adults
The Symptoms of Peyote Abuse
‘Popper’ Abuse in Adolescents and Teens
Quaalude Addiction in College Students
Steroids Abuse in Young Adult Athletes
Effects of Stimulant Abuse on Young Adults

Pages on REHAB

Information on Adolescent Drug Rehab Programs 
College Students and Oxycontin Rehab 


Addiction Treatment Options for Young Adults and College Students
Information on Anxiety, and Anxiety Treatment Options for Teens and Young Adults
Cocaine Treatment for Young Adults
On-Campus College Counselors
Crisis Intervention Information for Young Adults in College
Do You Need Depression Treatment?
Detox Centers Helping Teens Live Clean Lives
Drug Counseling Information for Young Adults Away at College
Effective Ways to Plan a Drug Intervention for Young Adults
Drug Treatment Methods
Dual Diagnosis: Dealing with Multiple Issues
Treating Eating Disorders in Young Adults and Teens
Educational Consultants – Helping Students Learn
The Benefits of Having a Family Therapist
Treatment for Gambling Addiction in Young Adults
Treatment for Heroin Addiction
Inpatient Rehab Programs For Teens and Young Adults
Intervention: Teens and College Students in Need
Interventionist: Helping Teens with Addiction
Marijuana Treatment for College Students
Mental Health Services
The Effects of Meth Addiction on Young Adults and Treatment Options
Treatment Options for Methadone Addiction Among College Students
Nurse Practitioners Can Help Addicts
Outpatient Treatment Helps Young Adults and Teens Recover from Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Psychiatrists Aid Young Adults Struggling with Mental Health 
Psychologists Treat Young Adults and Teens Struggling with Addiction
Psychotherapy For Young Addicts and College Students
Recovery Programs are Essential for Young Adults and Teens Recovering from Addiction
Residential Treatment Helps Teens, and Young Addicts in College
Sex Addiction Treatment for Young Adults
Social Workers Help Treat Young Adults Struggling with Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Treatment Centers Help Young Adult College Students Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Young Adults Find Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction from Treatment Professionals
Vicodin Addiction Treatment for Young Adult in College
Drug Death Statistics 
Drug use and Schizophrenia 
 Young Adults Want To Recover
 Addicts need support