Sober College, in addition to being on the forefront of young adult addiction treatment, is working to be on the front lines of the planet’s shift to “going green.”

Our idea is simple.

Vocational Training Program and Rehab

Sober College students at the workshop

We are pleased to introduce classic vehicles that are able to run on 100% BioDiesel. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Southern California, BioClassics is a company built on American ingenuity and Italian engineering.

This is our response to the oil spill.

BioClassics restores classic pre-1970 cars to mint condition, and also makes them environmentally friendly by putting a bio-diesel engine in them. The company was started in 2010, and is located in Los Angeles, California. BioClassics hopes to create great American Classics that are not only visibly stunning, but environmentally safe vehicles. Along with their own collection of vehicles, BioClassics, also caters to the customer and completely customizes vehicles.

Headquartered at Sober College and available exclusively to our students, BioClassics™ is company that combines today’s green technology with yesterday’s automotive styling. BioClassics™ introduces pre-1970 classic vehicles that can run on 100% biodiesel. We are serious about vocational and job skills training.

Get to Know Us

In 2010, Robert Pfeifer, founder of Sober College began working with his students to restore classic cars. His initial purchases included a 1968 Buick Skylark, a 1965 Buick Skylark Convertible, a 1950 Dodge Pilothouse B3-C Pickup Truck, a 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe, a 1947 Packard and a 1950 Packard. That year he met Emanuele Azzaretto, founder and CEO of GoBio BioDiesel Producers. Together, having watched the tragedy of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and both being extremely visionary and action oriented individuals started BioClassics. From there, they rented a garage space, hired some mechanics and began the process of building BioClassics.