For Young Adults

The substance abuse treatment programs at Sober College are designed specifically to help struggling young adults become productive and successful members of society.
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Young adult drug rehab

Women’s Rehab

Our Women’s Rehab Program caters exclusively to young women and assists them in making the necessary life changes that will support them in their process of recovery from addiction.
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Women’s Rehab

Men’s Rehab

The goal of our Men's Rehab Program is to not only to help our clients get and stay sober, but also to give them the time, opportunity, and support they need to maintain their sobriety long term.
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Men’s Rehab

Innovative Drug Treatment Program

Sober College, located in Los Angeles, California, is an exclusive provider of drug and alcohol treatment services for young adults age 17 to 26. Our innovative drug rehab center is designed to help young adults not only overcome drug abuse and addiction and other co-occurring disorders, but also to learn to live successful, happy sober lives.

Sober College is on the forefront of age-specific treatment, integrating sobriety and education into a one-of-a-kind dual diagnosis rehabilitation program. The Sober College program is centered on Five Core Competencies, which, when practiced, teach young adults the life skills they need to achieve long term sobriety, and become successful, independent, sober individuals.

In our Los Angeles, California location, clients can recover from addiction in a safe environment surrounded by peers with the same goals. Our unprecedented treatment program is designed to empower young adults to find purpose, discover passion and continue on a path of sobriety and happiness.

Our ability to adapt to the changing needs of our clients is what makes Sober College the leader in the treatment of young adult addiction.

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Programs Offered

Addiction Treatment

Sober College’s addiction treatment program provides young adults with a safe, supportive and peer driven environment that supports long term recovery.

Detox Services

Sober College has relationships with several drug and alcohol detox centers in the Los Angeles area and works with families to help them find the right program for them.

Residential Treatment

Sober College offers a unique residential treatment program for young adults that helps them learn the skills they need to achieve long term sobriety.